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Conscious Business Network

Therese Rowley Conscious Business Network


At the CBN, we explore the new capitalism that is integral, inclusive, and transparent. 


Join us to engage with feisty, leading edge thinkers and business leaders who exemplify the new models and emerging paradigms that help us all to contribute to a conscious global marketplace!

Five Principles of the Conscious Business Network

Conscious Leadership requires self-reflection, self-knowledge  and personal alignment so that conscious business is possible​​​.


Conscious Relationships require intuitive, emotional. and social intelligence which are essential literacies to assure global, interdependent relationships may be formed, forged and creatively nurtured​​​


Conscious Culture considers every worker both colleague and leader, with a unique set of skills, perspectives and knowledge to contribute​​​.


Conscious Innovation: trust, respect, deep listening and generative dialogue are necessary to business improvisation and on-going innovation​​​


Conscious Sustainability: The earth is as an important a stakeholder as other integral  business relationships​​​.

Upcoming Meetings

Winter 2015 Conscious Business Network Event


What's new with Business and Intuition?

What are big six consulting firms saying?

And, let's talk about intuition and leadership! Some of you will receive spontaneous intuitive readings, demonstrating skilled

intuition at work.


Meet me in the beautiful Hilton-Asmus

Contemporary Gallery on Wells Street.

716 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654

Refreshments will be served.



​Review of the 2012-13 CBN Meetings
Winter 2014

What is possible when you unleash the imagination, creativity, and the collective wisdom of diverse stakeholders to innovate the future?

We found out as we experienced an Innovation Café, based on The World Café model. We engaged with our conscious business colleagues as Lori Lovens, CEO of Innovation Savvy, led us in discovering how to facilitate a co-creative learning environment. The Café format created space for new conversation to emerge and engaged collaborative dialogue around questions that mattered!


Spring 2014

How far can your business expand with the right partners? We learned how to advance significant business relationships in one evening! By having participants join the CBN Weave, they were able learn about and prepare for meaningful conversations before the event began. 

Then, by setting powerful intentions through visualization/meditation, members created "inevitable synchronicity" to fulfilling their intent. Using the Innovation Café method Lori Lovens demonstrated at our January CBN, participants had an opportunity to get to know each other at personal and professional levels that forwarded unexpected and sustainable connections.

Spring 2013: Funding in the New Capitalism

Engaging with Crowdfunding expert, Rose Spinelli, and Richard Branson award winning Raise5 co-founder, Shayan Nahvar, yielded rich findings! We learned: what crowdfunding is; what it takes to create a campaign; and what it takes to be successful. Raise5 is a for-profit business which empowers both charities and entrepreneurs who want to contribute for their services. We are more knowledgeable about funding in the new capitalism through new models and great examples of conscious business success.


Winter 2013: The Business of Healing

Our year end Conscious Business Network Event focused on new definitions and approaches to health. Our format was a dialogue between David Miller, MD and me, where we explored and contrasted our unique approaches to client health and well being. We had a lively conversation. Dr Miller balances Acupuncture with a bio-medical fact-based model. He also uses Reiki and Flower Essences. He crosses hemispheres of his brain and the globe by moving from structure to energy and energy to structure.


We compared Intuitive Readings and Healing that is organized around the philosophy that we are all multi-dimensional, energetic beings who are manifesting soul lessons, beliefs, thoughts and feelings through their health and co-created experiences.


We each shared stories of transformation from our diverse approaches.


David Miller, M.D., L.AC., is one of the only physicians in the U.S. dually board certified in allopathic medicine in Pediatrics and Traditional Chinese Medicine (including both children and adults.) Dr. Miller sees a need for more Holisticoptions in healthcare and has sought out medical systems that are inherently based on holistic approaches: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and Flower Essences.


Winter 2012: The End of the World as We Know It: Mapping A New Reality

​December 5, 2012Featuring Paul Caswell, Founder and CEO, Weave the People, introduced us to a visual weave of our network. Please join us and add your voice and face to the mix. This fantastic technology accelerates meaningful connections and helps members know each other. 2012 brings us an opportunity to understand and work toward the one-world consciousness that this new epoch introduces.

​Autumn 2012: Values Driven Businesses: Big and Small​
October 9, 2012
Sam Sebastian VP, Google and Tim Frick, CEO and Founder of MightyBytes (a B Corporation) offered stories and examples of how they and their companies integrate personal and professional values. From operational challenges to bottom line impact, we learned what it takes to stand with the courage of their convictions and forge business success.
Sam Sebastian VP, Google
Tim Frick, CEO and Founder of MightyBytes​
Summer 2012:  A New Model of Transparent Banking
June 12, 2012

David Rose, Founder of Unified Field Corporation
David Rose is interested in building thriving, compassionate local economies who are activated and supported through fully engaged financial institutions. His new financial system represents the future of integral, transparent banking. It supports a grassroots partnership between community, business, and banking, called “Sustainable Community Partnership Banking”. Through dialogue in small groups, we discussed what this means for ourselves, our work and our future.

Spring 2012: Leading Edge in Social Entrepreneurism
April 25, 2012

A panel of speakers sparked our collective imagination on eco-business and for-profit social ventures that feed back into non-profit organizations.


Chuck Templeton, Director, Impact Engine
Since going public with on-line restaurant reservations website, OpenTable, Chuck has dedicated himself to conscious businesses. He is Director of Impact Engine, which invests in for profit ventures that have social impact. OhSoWe is his own new venture that is part of what he calls "the sharing economy" that facilitates the sharing of physical items through the web so that we consume less. He has also helped more than two-dozen start-ups as an investor, board member or advisor.

Greg Petersen, COO, Search, Inc.

Greg is the COO of a community-based non-profit that provides unparalleled services for developmentally disabled adults. Search Inc., owns a facility where developmentally disabled adults work on different parts of many eco-friendly, for-profit businesses, including Planet Access and A Better Clean. The facility and workers are paid by these for-profit companies as employees, and then any profit made by Search is given back to enhance developmentally disabled services.

Chip DeGrace, Sr. VP Creative, FLOR, Inc.
FLOR produces and markets an innovative, modular floor covering system of thoughtfully designed and responsibly made carpet squares for residential and small business consumers. As part of Interface – the global leader in design, production and sales of environmentally-responsible modular carpet for the commercial, institutional, and residential markets – FLOR shares a commitment to sustainability: to eliminate any negative impact the Interface family of companies may have on the environment by the year 2020.

​Early Winter 2012: Intuitive Intelligence at Work
February 22, 2012

Therese Rowley, Ph.D., Founder Accelerated Alignment and the Conscious Business Network
Intuitive Intelligence is a fundamental literacy for leadership in a Conscious Business. As a skilled intuitive, Therese demonstrated how intuition can accelerate connection with the truth and wisdom that is best for a situation and the people in it. The group learned to tap into this intelligence and increase their capacity to use it at work.